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Not bad, easy to use but could be better with a few simple additions

I donwloaded this and tried it out. Its incredibly simple to learn but mainly because there are very few options. Thats always the trade off but one option that makes this much less useful for me is that there is no selection, copy, cut , paste functionality. Even the most basic free paint programs usually have that feature. Its to bad too because i need to make some simple drawings that require dozens of copies of a specific shape or combination of shapes in the image and its incredibly time consuming when you can't copy and paste. Would also be useful I suppose if you could import pictures and draw on them with this app but it doesnt let you import anyting either. Oh well. What can oyu expect for $3.99

Great fun!

I haven't begun to scratch the surface yet, of what this app can do, I'm certain, but what little time I've spent on it has been amazingly entertaining. (I'm not that easily amused) I think that if I had some kids in the house, I'd never be able to access my computer! My only suggestion would be to add an option to email your picture directly to someone. Even without that, you can still access your saved pics and email what you like, but if I could save a few clicks, it'd be cool! My thanks to the developers. Love this app!

Truly Awesome Painting App!!!

I love this app!! It's so much fun to draw with! To me it basically takes some of the most fun brushes and effects from other apps, but then makes it even better, and just turns it into magic! I love using the different emboss-like brushes, and the smear brushes are really my favorite. It just lets you take a real simple standard drawing, and add a huge amount of flare and really you can just run wild with it! That is what I love the most, is that it really seems to be endearing to people with a huge amount of imagination. But at the same time, even for the novice artist, I really think you could use all these great tools and create a masterpiece. The app itself isn't very complex, and it's not feature-laden. You won't find a huge assortment of tools and brushes here, just the few you see in the screenshot above. But that's also why I really love the app, because like I said it just took some really cool brushes and focused on all the different things you can do with them. Plus I love how bright and lively everything looks when you draw with the various brushes. And there doesn't seem to be a normal color wheel color picker, which is a minus in my book, but I do like the range of colors the developer has provided. One other thing that I wasn't thrilled with was the fact that there also doesn't seem to be a way to choose your canvas size. I was drawing in full screen mode and my desktop is 1920 x 1080, so it rendered the size of my drawing to be 1920 x 1080. I'm just assuming here, but I guess whatever your "full screen" desktop size is, is what your exported drawing will be. And I also don't see an apparent way to choose what format you want your drawing to be saved to. But despite those few minor qualms, well, I just can't speak any higher about how much I love this app! At the price, you really can't beat the fun things you get in this app! Highly recommended, and I really look forward to whatever new features or improvements come in the future. iMac OS X 10.6.8


YAY!!! I have tried other artistic apps but there was never one I really liked. I always got free ones though. If I really liked it I would get the full. This one was only $3.99 and the pictures looked really cool! I'm soooo happy I bought this app. I can make really cool drawings and funny ones of my friends too :) I would highly recommend this app.

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